Evangelism Outreach
Purpose:  to reach the unreached and tell the untold about the saving power of Jesus Christ


Pantry - Latter Day Assistance Ministry and Pantry (LAMP)
Purpose:  To provide ready support for those in need on a consistent basis. 


Women’s Ministry - Ladies Dedicated to Christ (LDC)
Purpose:  To encourage women in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ through bible study and fellowship.


Living Well Youth Ministry
Purpose:   Developing children and teens to embrace and practice godly principles through regular Bible study and church attendance.


Men’s Ministry - Latter Day Men Committed To Christ (LDMCC)
Purpose:  To develop and empower men to assume their God-given role as the leader in the family and in the church.


Marriage Ministry - Keepers of the Flame

Purpose: To strengthen and promote wholesome family life through bible study and regular church attendance.


Music Ministry
Purpose:    To promote spiritual worship by ministering in song


Pastor’s Aides
Purpose:   To aid and support the pastor - the chief officer of the church in his endeavor to walk worthy of the vocation to which he is called.