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Welcome To Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church

The Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church (LDDRC) began in 1953 with the salvation and Holy Spirit baptism of its founder, the Bishop Roy Lee Kossie, Jr (1932-2018)., and his wife, the late Barbara Linton Kossie (1934-2001).  The young couple attended an A. A. Allen tent revival, an important catalyst for their more than 50-year commitment to God’s purpose for their lives–to establish a deliverance center in the heart of Houston’s historic Fifth Ward.

What an incredible opportunity it is to reach you via the World Wide Web. I hope the information available on the website will stimulate you toward spiritual growth. Our goal is to provide you with relevant resources and life-changing events that will move you toward God’s purpose and design.

Our commitment to you, our cyber community, is to ensure that we provide you with the necessary tools to equip you for the work and joy of ministry. We hope to hear from you. Let us know how LDDRC can serve you. Moreover, the advancement of technology allows us to reach more people in a matter of minutes than any other time in history. Consider the average person today searches for churches not by visiting the physical location first but through the web. Websites are the windows to the local church. Our curtains are drawn for you to look in and take a tour and experience HOPE, LIGHT and LOVE.

If you are a part of our church fellowship, we encourage you to navigate the pages of this website and discover the wonderful possibilities here for you. If you are a first-time friend looking through the window of our fellowship, take another step and come to visit us during any of our service times. The warm and friendly people of Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church will be waiting to greet you, we are not complete without you.