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Children are a blessing from the Lord and with these blessings also come responsibilities. Our children’s ministry exists to help children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Part of this process is also ensuring that parents are responsible and should be designed to be the primary influence in a child’s spiritual formation with the help of the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace. Therefore our children’s ministry is equipped with educators, leaders and parents that aim to help guide our children to encounter God, His works, and develop healthy lifestyles and relationships.

Our vision to empower leaders and impact kids has inspired us to create resources to better serve you. A holistic approach impacts lives mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

  • Mentally through education to children’s minds.
  • Physically through compassion to have children’s basic needs met.
  • Spiritually through evangelism to reach children for Christ.
  • Socially through discipleship to strengthen children’s faith.